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Parkside is:

  • A serving church – We offer our facilities to other churches, community groups and local youth groups. We have major commitments to ministry in education, child development, food banks and battered women's shelters. . All that we do is designed help others in need, not to attract new members. We believe that if we minister to God’s people – God will build the church!
  • A diverse church – Our service is a reflection of who we were and are today. Probably our greatest strength is our diversity. Sitting around you worshiping together will be Amish, Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Nazarene and Methodists - to name a few.  Each has brought a part of their religious tradition to “The Park”. The result is a deeper, richer community of faith where we join in sharing new traditions and celebrate our differences.

Parkside is not:

  • A political church – We find no evidence that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is embraced or embodied in any particular political party. We believe in community responsibility and urge participation in the civic process. As Christians and citizens we are involved, committed and determined - but we leave party politics at the door! We seek to serve the poor, the sick and victims of injustice. We seek leaders who share those values whatever their political affiliation.
  • A legalistic church – As an independent community church we are not bound by legalistic traditions that exclude and ridicule other seekers after God’s truth. In our services we do not condemn or accuse those who believe differently. At “The Park” we may not like “the sin” but we will love the sinner! Gee, where would we find an idea like that?
  • A “money first” church – Many churches dramatically limit outreach and serving “until they have the mortgage paid off”. Parkside takes a different approach. We focus the majority of our efforts on serving others, right now.  Whether a prayer-garden, food bank, operatiom Christmas Child or one of our special construction programs Parkside continues to invest it's time and money to serve and minister.  We will all be the richer for that.
  • A big church – We’re a small church that has doubled in average attendance in the past year. We’re small enough to know you and committed enough to help when you might need us.
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Thank you and God Bless
Parkside  Community    Church

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Parkside Community Church

Welcome to "The Park",  Want to sit in a nice soft pew week after week letting a choir and preacher lull you to sleep Sunday after Sunday? Then go somewhere else.

We're friendly, Biblical, friendly, computer literate, friendly, and user-friendly with 58 minute church services, great music and sermons that won't put you to sleep! Our core ministries focus on providing faith based services in education, food bank, battered women's shelters and helping those who need to feel God's love during a difficult time in their lives.

For our friends who need them… special programs that can help…. like DivorceCare, GriefShare, financial counseling and family counseling. All provided at low cost or no cost to our neighbors.

At Parkside, we believe God loves you and wants the very best for you. We think you will like our church. Besides, children of all ages enjoy a visit to the "Park!"

What kind of church is this?
Here at Parkside we strive to provide a place where all who come will feel the presence and power of the Lord. The most common question asked by invitees would be “what kind of church is it?” Fair question. The unspoken question would be, “what kind of church is it, not?” Another fair question. Here are the answers.

Parkside is:

  • A Bible based church - We believe God’s truth for our life is found in the Bible.
  • A compassionate church – We believe God calls us to share his love for the lost and his compassion for the poor and broken.
  • An “open door church” – Our doors and hearts are open to all who will come. We are called by God and instructed by scripture to love others rather than to judge them.
  • An involved church. – We strive to make a difference in the lives of others by providing programs that can help like; the Wednesday night food bank, DivorceCare, Financial Fitness, Operation Christmas Child and GriefShare and our major focus on education as a foundation of our church activity.  
Home Page
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