Parkside  Community    Church

Extreme Makeover Church Edition

     Extreme Makeover Church Edition - Partner Home Depot 



                       "A Columbus Miracle"  

      “Sister Sadie proclaimed it a miracle, for surely this must be the handiwork of God….
          The miracle workers considered heaven-sent were members of the Parkside
           Community Church in Hilliard”.

                                                             Randy Ludlow, Columbus Dispatch 

Good Morning Parksiders,


 With God’s help, the Extreme Makeover Church Edition was completed. Today the reason you feel so good while aching so much is because you were doing God’s work. We need to remember this was not a Parkside project…. You were only doing what you were called to do. So who is really responsible for the success of Extreme Makeover Church Edition? I think Sister Sadie said it best….“Can’t you see what God has done?” Not only can I see what he has done…I can see him…. in each of your tired faces. Way to go Parksiders.  Reaching for the Tylenol bottle, I remain your friend, serving Him, 

R. Frank Lee  

A Senior Encourager 

To read the Columbus Dispatch article click on the link below

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